About Neschi Torres
About Neschi Torres

The Typo

Neschi Torres

Not gonna lie...I liked that typo,

quick flickering of a fast light show,

made me remember

when we spooned and you rubbed me with your Tae Bo,

but we had to tone it down and keep it on the high low,

hold our breaths and swallow all the outflow,

Mr. John Doe, answer me -

now weeks and months have passed and I wonder if I’ll ever get to Mexico?

Cuz Mexico seems around the corner, but I can’t go there cuz of Corona,

And I told you that ma lips need some soothing salsa from the owner, next to the Deli shop in Barcelona,

But now you’re worried that you’ll be my Sancho…?!

No worries babe, there is no Gianfranco or Fernando, just the words in Esperanto hanging over us in a tree of mangoes,

for us to finally cut loose, squeeze the juice and do the tango,

a radius of 1k is safe to leave the condo,

to take a walk and start banging your first bongo.

Breathe some scent and air and light, because it's just too long ago.

You like your coffee flat white, but I’m far from being flat - as you know.

So when I come around, you go back around

with 2 spoons of brown sugar, for ma hot coffee, for ma booga wooga,

So let’s sit down on a bench and take a bite of that muffin,

go get to stuffin and endanger ma bird like a puffin,

then tease me with a feather,

I’d like to take a walk with you - with pleasure,

let’s flock together, in good or bad weather,

wherever whenever.

how you like your coffee, I’m white but not flat, as you know

And I know you like your coffee flat white, although you’re brown,

I’m white but not flat, as you know

Now you picture me in my nightgown, but the face fade like I said John Doe,

for you to see, for you to tear down,

so step outside and just go,