About Neschi Torres
About Neschi Torres

Suckratees Philosophy

Neschi Torres

Hey yo baby I wanna bathe in your essence,

Your presence is a present past the future tenses,

Your dressing impresses this German Russian native,

I'm never tense around you, I'm pensive,

Thinking about sharing 2 cents

With the true blue you who's glue I stick to

Quick thru, watching you arrive on you tube,

We boning when it's sunny like U 2,

And if you ain't envious I green it,

Red between the thighs understand the body language,

My heart ain't broken so don't damage,

And now I leave you breathy or breathless, easy or reckless,

He asks: want some jewels? Here, have a pearl necklace.

Sloppy so like nuttin no wrong

Ok, Throw it, bring it back like boomerang

Bang bang I shot him down

So he fire back with the Don's crown

Trouser snake from down town

His anaconda don't want nun, unless I grab the mic and sing a song.

But I stay riding from the top cause you can't sub me,

I can do it the subway, foot long meal deal, you want it all ways, all day Burger King, Ronald McDonald of rhyming, franchise the dynasty, practice your modesty, let's shine together but first come polish me

You’ll get more juice out the more effort you put in,

invade ukraine like putin, youth in revolt,

mash up the track like usain bolt, drop your guards like molt

cause I don't want no pidgeons, a pidgeon be a man don't be getting no love from me.

But even If you had a twin I'd choose you first, bruise you first,

Get you wet and do it in the dirt,

Add him to the mad mix tasteful flavor,

Keep the essence in my mouth that's a flavor savor,

Don't save me, I don't need it, give me what I want,

We practice to breed it, we ideate logically,

Emphatically, categorically, high off the mind we sharing,

For him I be caring, he should care for me too,

I know when to show attention, and give you space too,

I'm a space woman, need my own space to create a station by the moon,

But you can visit often and get this cheese too

So we spit it pon the riddim, back at it, with it

brought some shortbread for the tea, swallow time, innit?!

but first, burn your tongue on this, then whisper with blisters, make some miles on the fitbit, fap milk for the whiskers,

set a bomb, make a dam, rhymes like lube, and call me ma’am,

black rain fall, above them all, someone must catch this man,

So he said: I remember when we kissed you said mmm so I have a plan

Bring yuh mmmm, I'll bring my A game, and we can talk about a ma'am

You’re strong like concrete, guilty I must plead,

I take a seat at the table, cuz I think its time to eat,

you wanna teach me supn, but we gon do it how I do it

But he said: I’ll set the beat, sweet between the sheet, you’ll jump outta seat, skip a heartbeat and then repeat,

Gymnastics for athletes, pole vault so high, slurping the crabmeat, time for trick or treat in the living room suite - agreed?

I mean, I agree with theory suckratees philosophy

guilty pleasure a make yuh free but a slave to di meat

carnivore hardcore ...ok… when yuh come through di door

yuh knock it up, and rock it up from di bed to di floor

i got five on it so dive on it, kiss four lips like

a threesome on the cards with two dikes,

And he goes: nas-ty, but i only got one mic, one mic...

don't worry if you flow is weak

spit ya poetry like floetry,

i know the butter flys when we make the cream

and it always taste good to me

don't be meek, grind the mills louder

and i'll be high on ya white, no powder

They all playing checkers, cuz they can't beat us in chess, power tripping, sipping bubbles, hands up, god bless.

No man can go round here, cuz we run the run, I want to link with your membrane first, quick maths is that - Can I come?

So we lock up the rock like a doctor wid the docket

You drop into my middle like a sentence inna bracket

When I fling it to the right boy you catch it from the left

Pumping it like cardiac arrest

Puff up the chest, ok tell me what you detest,

No stress, I'm the stress reliever,

Bring you zen and incense, cuz I'm a harmony believer, love seeker, truth speaker, juice squeezer…

I beg you pardon Mr. Officer,

I don't see no gun, just a vampire.

Was it arson, Mr. Professor?

Think I saw the popular foreigner thru my binocular, the no-go zone auditor, the high above the clouds astrologer.

Constantly, honestly, modestly, bone striking sodomy.

I and I on a higha level, speed velocity.

Higher than I ever been before,

I go some places where some feelings never tour.

From physical signals to his mental for certain type of spiritual.

Sexual healing,

He comes and cleanse ma daemons.

We just swiping here and not loving, we just liking here - might be bluffing.

Mama use to tell me, daddy use to tell me more, my ears dem tough dem never bore.

Cigarettes cause black lung cancer, and the poison quick love we adore.

And let me tell you the ending, as I recall,

two were dancing around, on this lion’s prowl.

Particles shooting from aerosol,

one missed call causing hard withdrawal,

9 rifles lean up the wall, one pitfall.

Not hard to fall when you float like a cannonball.

Iron clad walls up, high and swinging,

dropped them a little, seems like we’re twinning.

A queen, a bishop, a rook, or a knight.

At night we took flight,

on into the morning to the day’s first light.

Shelter was given, but prefered to ignore

one confused Pigeon,

survived the great war.

Now i’m learning to fly from grey cold wet stones,

white noise whirring telephones, while he holds,

the skull and crossbones.

Icarus flying too close to the sun,

Excalibur stabbing,

his armour, his silver, his godly wrapping begun,

Gave me the stick, from first to 2fifth,

extend the lightsaber like return of the Sith.

Lead-pouring’s closing the myth,

but still taunting me with the tip.

Decapitate the shapeshifter, mind drifter, love whistler,

and bite in his lip.

In poison is dipped a missile so fast, bomb splinter from the past,

that you might want to skip,

the warship, which was broadcast and flipped.

Talking in riddles, with boyishly dimples,

eyes like symbols and giggles from bitten nipples.

I’ll cast a spell on you, Merlin, he cursed under each of them kisses.

But one word at a time, and a few more visits,

lips sewed together, silence and wishes.

A few more stitches, healing since Christmas,

submissive caresses, between crusted old dishes.

Old bread feeds the fishes, he whistles, she listens

to castle a king, with the dark square bishop,

Attack with Queen’s Gambit, Pawn storm will fix it,

White always goes first and that is suspicious.