About Neschi Torres
About Neschi Torres


Neschi Torres

My planet’s Mercury,

the messenger, who’s here to see,

what life can be in all its idiosyncrasy,

My faith is clear,

scorched earth, dry dirt,

born on August 31st,

I still figure out, if you’re worth,

all my time and devotion,

a level-headed virgo, letting things unspoken,

When you put me on the spot,

I get shy and frozen, smoking to cut the silence which is poking,

me in the rips and in my head, asking to break open

I smoked 11 cigarettes, the day I fell in love with you,

but what’s love got to do,

with it or without I’m choking,

on the words chosen, vocal soaking, poets stroking, stolen ocean from my eyes,

and I hold this token,

been here before, although here is “Rauchen verboten”.

Been a teacher long enough, now it’s time for provoking,

superior intellect is what I’m woke in,

confinement is misspoken, cuz’ there’s nothing better than being alone in,

the time to indulge in the emotion,

and when we wake up,

all that’s left is just a poem.

Solitude - I’m in love with you since my soil’s erosion