About Neschi Torres
About Neschi Torres


Neschi Torres

Chapter 1: The Illusion

One mic is not enough to spread the message,

harvest the fruits of adolescence, excessive caresses are anti-depressants,

lessons of blessings through all the blood vessels, progressive replenish, grinding on denim, cherish the devil and blemish the chemist.

one verse at a time gives promising presage.

But how can I bless you without being obsessive...

How can I bless you if you don’t sneeze,

This was just the appetizer the amoused bouche tease,

Come be my main squeeze, tell me your abc’s with wobbly knees and then exchange keys,

So, I beg you... pretty please!

I'm not a stalker, just an expressive talker got a lot on my mind to say,

all day, always,

aural foreplay, remix and then replay, three tricks and then treat away,

seek this and then come stay,

meat stick and I’ll clean plate,

4 cups of pleasure and 1 cup of pain, Head game insane.

Come inside and plant a seed in my vein.

Come over to stock and pile my chips

Cuz I'm ripe and crisp

Roll the dice with it

This city been sucking me in

But be sure I know how to spin

All my passions, aggressions, confessions - you gonna roll within?

A trick or treat though, costumed up like spiderman,

But if you fly I'll web you up like a spider can,

I'm addicted to a heroine, taking lines of the honey bubbly juice,

Put that cat in a blender, fuck peta don't tell em what I sent ya,

I eat feta but I prefer the cheddar,

I ban cheetahs and step on pedals,

Inhaling hopium, sonic boom, vroom vroom, radioactive polonium

You remind me of my gravity and put me down to earth

You make me feel like it's worth

To taste the Spanish dream, some Gazpacho cream with the frittata

Sweet king from the Iberian mixed with Pintxo antipasta.

The roja in the cheeks from the words that I speak, red rover moving sober like cucaracha, the big bug from Franz Kafka

Although I’m half Russian, you know my real name ain’t Natascha.

But no russian to conclusions, better see how it runs the evolutions.

Cuz so far it’s all in my mind...just a daydream illusion.

Chapter 2: The Begging

So I'll let you bounce back, from my mind to my neck, cuz you used your rain check and made me forget how to work in adtech

Go, hit your 3 points and Imma watch you take off your hat.

Crossover dribble, hope you heading my way with the ball behind the back.

I wanna make ya come twice,

Don't overstand it, Balanced diet

Eat some meat and smoke some salad.

I talk it like a parrot,

by that I got tunes and I fly like a rabbit doesn't

That was a joke I know, my punchline's long like Mayweather at the superbowl

I'm stupid slow, but really I'm just observing, how to be a better servant to the one God, ME

you see me freely like a Freeman Morgon,

With the voice of God, mixed with a Gorgon,

One of the three sisters, medusa, was not immortal

Still my eagle eyes see the aim target with a Glock 19 at your organ

But You leave me buzzing so I’m thinking

Come on, give me a pound,

Let me score my points like Kobe and Harden.

You be my Ibeeeeriaaaan boy

The greens so ripe from the corner deli owner’s garden

who told me, hurry up and buy,

Cuz if everybody’s somebody, then who am I?

I’ll probably be on a black list for being the fly on your bow tie,

but i’ dont give a fuck… imma shrugg like atlas, cuz Im in love with your third eye.

My eyes are green, cuz I eat a lot of vegetables,

I’m a handful, I know,

acting sloppy on those festivals, susceptible to those parabels, and trust me, I felt penitent,

after all those recollections collectibles….still I’m respectable, without comparables.

Yes, I missed a lot of church, so rhyming is my confessional.

I’m running round in circles not be obsessional,

But tell me...At the bottom of the bottle - who is impeccable?

Is there a light across the tunnel? Cuz I see more than just a vegetable,

I know...eggplants in grey sweatpants give some girls a headband, but that’s not me…

But when you find me in the rubble all I am is your friend, that’s why I bend over to maximum extent, to tie those loose ends, with this letter of intent,

See I'm a lot of love but I guess not enough to keep you content.

Chapter 3: Medusa

Dem other girls make you hard,

but I wanna make you weak,

So I sneak my tweak from cheek to cheek ancient Greek mystique so to speak

Cuz I turn them other Gorgons to stone with their potato potato physique,

with their winged snake hair and their misspeak, shineless eyes, all of them bleak and all of them sneaks,

But I speak when I’m spoken to, no split tongue, my mouth ain’t got no blood leak and I never serve old bubble and squeak in the street.

And if you want: I can keep a secret and this one I will keep.

So let me know ,

do you wanna be my lover, Cuz I have lots to give, Taking is so easy,

but yes...let me take that big leap when I do the tweety bird cheep cheep.

I’m the middle child, and you know what they say. I’m the family’s black sheep.

self-destruction is my main glitch

But Hadn’t had a crush like this for years, think I put you on a pedestal,

cuz even when I sleep I see you in my dreams.

I wanna sense you with all 5, knock you dead and bring you back to life,

and for the peace of you I hold such strife

I wanna take your stripes, hoping our story won’t be concise, when we mix the genotype,

swipe swipe and sweep off your shoulder with such masculinity

alternative purity, pure infinity,

playing in loop with ma imagery, aftermath so sweet, make you feel the sublimity

What a surprise, I realised that real eyes see real guys,

I’m trying to fry up some breakfast for you,

I know you don't want a slow mix of old fish, a cold dish of spaghetti, food poisoning,

A barriga llena, corazón contento,

I keep each detail of you as my memento. While I feed you details of me in my box bento

maybe love should flow like birthday party confetti,

brain food puts bad bandits with an attitude in a good mood, but they don't read good,

I said details for you to unveil,

the title of the manuscript your ocular done sail over,

like a Range Rover on dry boulders, on a drive by,

who shot ya, the master blaster?

What’s your body count?

That’s what I’d never ask ya,

Deep down I know this is nothing for me to smile after,

cuz I'm just too afraid that you’d shoot faster…

Chapter 4: Houdini’s Dime

And it was true...

He had a blade under his sleeve, a thieve on leave, walking on a winter's eve.

With a master key, you can't tie him up, sooner you try to, sooner he'll be free.

Many say he was raised by Houdini, going by the name of Mussolini,

But those who know will disagree.

He said: Traps are hard enough, but I don't need no one to rescue me.

Escaping straitjackets under water, in the town of his alma mater, a new chapter from the author, where he forgot her.

Now the only way to freedom in this land, is to leave and roam new streets with nothing in my hands.

Nothing left to steal, all I'd have is me,

would not need to try and hold my dignity,

would not have these words hanging over me,

would not need to fight for what belongs to me.

Suppress the misery through sympathy, acceptability, that's my idiosyncrasy.

I would have it all in my own mind, all mine, a golden dime flipping through ma fingers while I'd walk coastline.

Heads or tails, I put my bets on him. I knew what he meant...it was time to sink or swim

All I had to lose, I gave to him

before goodbye, and all I have to lose, I gave to him

a verse at a time.

And there I go, leaving with nothing but one single dime.