About Neschi Torres
About Neschi Torres

It's you

Neschi Torres

You know I wanna talk, but can’t master up the words,

I’m even afraid to write, cuz then people see it still hurts

it’s you, it’s you, it’s always you.

Gotta ask you to pray for me, cuz my heart’s too heavy for me to speak

I have blood from you in my heart.

But this is no reason for sadness.

You forgot me while memories paralyzed me.

And I wish time never mattered.

After all those years I realize,

there’re still stains from you in my cries,

what a surprise, for all those years I closed my eyes,

suppressed what lies behind all highs.

I’m good, I’m good is what I’m telling.

and I started to believe these lies.


Good mornin’ darlin’

come and see me falling,

in and outta love

here’s what I became -

cold and heartless

indifferent to whatever happens next - regardless.

Because it’s always YOU what i’m searching for

So Heartsick.