About Neschi Torres
About Neschi Torres

The Cheating Game

Neschi Torres

I fly through the sky on wings of silver,

looking for the lining of mercurial glitter,

wherever it may flitter among the evaporated water,

next to sons and daughters of the spirit on high,

in a metal hot dog that just happens to fly,

by science or magic I can't tell,

oh well,

in between heaven and hell,

trying to heal,

with worn heels from walking,

He thinks I'm only talking,

I know, if I’d stay you’d serve a good meal,

and next day I'd have trouble walking

Cuz he used to say:

“I wanna put my two lips on each set of your two lips and french kiss you twice

Drop that sticky icky down my chin and let's go again

Touch up the face and put stick on the lips

Dry of the sweat and shake ya ass and hips”

Oh call me honey I bees about it, remembering my pot of sweet,

I sit, and think and reminisce on it

While I’m looking down on the town,

cause I run the sky

spare wings in the crib

cause i was born to fly

We were

Eye to eye and nose to nose,

Drowning from the wind that blows, serving me the anti dose, tingling in the toes that froze, chicken soup that warms the soul, fiction prose of pharaohs, slowly taking of them clothes, breathing rhythmic, deep hypnose, changing tempos, skin expose, starting engine like jumbos, linger for a sec, then bulldoze, lips on lips, mouth wide close,

take me where the meadow grows

Cuz the meadow grows where the grass is greenest,

You’re from mars and I’m from venus, You should’ve seen us,

but something came between us, I don’t blame you, I just blame your ****

Now I became a lyricist,

Fill up your copa with the soda, sit straight, and take this

Come on, they say karma is a bitch

And when you take a life, you pay the price,

obnoxious spice, persistent trice

just to lay it out for you, that story will not be concise

Which one is the real you?

I don’t know if it is still you,

how can I tell if you’re under a spell or

did the fake you kill you?

It's simple really but you know it's deep

When the angel and the devil on the shoulder speak

Two voices, two choices

Prepare for war or go in peace

You really thought I’d make my fingers crack,

better watch ya front, better guard ya back,

Every new day brings a heart attack

Better work out hard, watch your cardiac

Because there is plaque and rack on that wrack.

But still….

I ride until I run out of gas or til I crash

Let me be your liberator, is that what you ask?

Yo Don't play me so close

Make me tell you something that you ain't really ready to know

Whatever comes first I'm prepared for the worst

Whatever comes second I'll be there with my weapon

But the greens so ripe from the corner deli owner’s garden

who told me, hurry up and buy,

Cuz if everybody’s somebody, then who am I?

I’ll probably be on a black list for being the fly on your bow tie,

but i’ dont give a fuck… imma shrugg like atlas, cuz Im still in love with your third eye.

My eyes are green, cuz I eat a lot of vegetables,

I’m ALSO a handful, I know,

acting sloppy on those festivals, susceptible to those parabels, and trust me, I felt penitent,

after all those recollections collectibles….still I’m respectable, without comparables.

Yes, we both missed a lot of church, but rhyming is my confessional.

I’m running round in circles not be obsessional,

And I know...At the bottom of the bottle - who is impeccable?

Is there a light across the tunnel? Cuz I see more than just a vegetable,

eggplants in grey sweatpants give some girls a headband, but that’s not me…

But when you find me in the rubble I feel like all I am is your friend, that’s why I bend over to maximum extent, to tie those loose ends, with my letter of intent,

See I'm a lot of love but I guess not enough to keep you content.

Dem other girls make you hard,

but I wanna make you weak,

So I sneak my tweak from cheek to cheek ancient Greek mystique so to speak

Cuz I turn them other Gorgons to stone with their potato potato physique,

with their winged snake hair and their misspeak, shineless eyes, all of them bleak and all of them sneaks,

But I speak when I’m spoken to, no split tongue, my mouth ain’t got no blood leak

I also have my secrets, but this one you can keep!

And then he asked for what I wish for on my wish list,

Have you ever asked your man to go fishing for religion?

Have you ever turned a sinner back to a christian?

I’m looking for amen, or a man with a plan,

To build castles out of sand,

Empire higher than a circus walker on a wire between 2 fliers

So when she asked you for the reefer you should have denied her

But he is ruthless with the reefer, creepin through the ether,

Cleopatra wants cesar

Keto diet, only protein and pasta, but jerk chicken on a friday,

Giving me a spa day facial, Jamrock and roll, we’re taking the highway,

my head against the wall,

leave your kids in my face, so I turn babysitter,

AND I swallow everythin cuz a spitter is a quitter

Still static or spinning, it's electric

still I run up on your block I'm playing tetris

and I got the triple double

Fit in the spot and mek yuh mind bubble

You can make ma bed rock like barney rubble

But I can make ya mind rock like diamond

Hard and precious, like the grip when we’re rock climbing

Take it down low or up top when we high fivin'

I’m not slim, but more Sade then Shady,

Imma Soldier of love, I'm coming for that sweetest taboo

The blue movie voodoo crucial to my movements,

The soothing sounds of you snoozing when I'm dosing,

The slow time going like the Kevin knowing,

he's home alone,

Figuring out what do,

but he wanna eat all the candy

That’s why I’d never ask… who the hell is Mandy?

But we’ll change for the better and you can see that already,

When you were beboppin I was rocking steady

We were both swinging our sword around the kitchen,

Slicing and dicing not caring who we’re missing,

But missing all the stiches when we were kissing on the glistening,

Stiffening with rhythm and hitting low on the sub mission,

The message he was missing from the love that was itching,

Hinting at the sinning that was there from the beginning,

Will we be winning 'secco sipping, model tipping with the chicken,

Lip biting party chilling, hesitation from the waiting,

Thinking, and wishing, reminiscing with a glinting in the eye?

Still You give me butterflys so flutter by I'll show you the other side

Payers play, but after a few rounds let's put the bored games away,

No risk, no monopoly, we’re getting knowledge see,

we on the down low up town, a crown for the clown,

two high fives, cause you got a dime that’s So Solid,

we only got seconds to go but I'm honest-

ly missing what hasn't gone yet, physically,

but mentally we growing through the hard times,

I know the pen is mighter so I touch it,

bring it play it watch it turn it leave it stop format it

technologic automatic that good life we gotta have it

Cause you know why,

The spice is nice and the scent is cloud nine

Love stoned from the tone of the flesh and bone

Mind strong body hone hot lines and lyrics blinging on the phone

That can only mean one thing,

I left the city, when I was exactly what you asked for, now I’m too busy stamping on the passport,

Guess you got what you really asked for,

But even though you hit the sidewalk it's not the asphalt,

We can patch up like it was rock salt

Wet it dry it clean it shine it

Treat the work like the legs and divide it,

Talking through the things that we on task for,

Harden what we got, make it work the ask for,

Heart string violins music Beats hovin for the guest,

keep it on lock and nothing less

You know it was love and nothin less, that biting shock like lighting,

Still better than fighting slighting

Or denying that the trying is better than crying,

I want us to be bubbling and frying,

Sizzling like butter,

And flauntin it with red paint and/or go down town under cover,

Don't get it twisted,

Godly wrapping, clapping back strongly standing,

Let’s put our hands up say “I did it, no one's perfect I admit it”, but who we kidding,

Ain't no tripping or wishing, moving forward is the ticket,

Empathy and patience for my hesitation while you waiting for

De lay to be elated anticipation racing facing mace with the mind racing

I was sayin give me what I need and I'm yours for the taking

Let’s see what we can be when the mind is free to just indulge in the emotion,

And the time and the scene, the shape of them hips, the slip of the lip,

The sound of the laughter and the strength of the grip,

Whether our eyes are wide open...

Or we decide to sleep, perchance to dream…

I’m a forgiver, no black or white on my color scheme

For once I’m calm during hard times, good times and everything in between