Neschi Torres

The Trebled Eye

Up, up, up the blood rushes,

mercurial temper,

it hurts when you grow.

They downsized my spirit.

They baptized... read more

The Lamb

We speak when spoken to.

He cut out my tongue.

The mountain turned blue -

unspoken words among.

The fruits in his hands, read more

The Cheating Game

I fly through the sky on wings of silver,

looking for the lining of mercurial glitter,

wherever it may flitter among the evaporated wate... read more


My planet’s Mercury,

the messenger, who’s here to see,

what life can be in all its idiosyncrasy,

My faith is clear,

scorch... read more


Chapter 1: The Illusion

One mic is not enough to spread the message,

harvest the fruits of adolescence, excessive caresses are anti-de... read more

It's you

You know I wanna talk, but can’t master up the words,

I’m even afraid to write, cuz then people see it still hurts

it’s you, it’s you, i... read more

Hopeless Wanderer

A change of course,

a strange dischord resolved,

cardinal points in force,

my hopeless wanderer evolved.

Drowning from the... read more

Call your Mom

Another day of procrastination,

a whole nation living this elation of coming home to relaxation,

which turns into frustration after coup... read more